DOOM 4 was a science-fiction themed first-person shooter about fighting an invasion by demonic forces. Developed by ID SOFTWARE, DOOM 4 was in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Although unreleased in its original form, DOOM 4 pivoted its creative direction and would go on to become DOOM (2016).


As an Associate Designer at ID SOFTWARE, I scripted levels and gameplay systems in the single-player story mode of DOOM 4. While on the job for DOOM 4, I had to be self-sufficient in learning the development tools of the id Tech 5 game engine, including id Studio (ID SOFTWARE’s proprietary version of the Radiant level editor) and Superscript (their proprietary scripting language with strict data types and syntax which emulates C++).


During the development process, the single-player mode of DOOM 4 contained multiple levels, each with numerous mission objectives and scripted events such as “cinematic” set pieces and combat encounters. I was responsible for various scripted functionality across 6 levels and certain gameplay systems:

1 Level

– implemented “cinematic” set piece event for level intro
– edited section for player clipping
– edited entire layout for audio clipping

1 Level

– edited entire layout for audio clipping

4 Levels

– updated various deprecated scripted events and gameplay systems

Common Gameplay Systems

– implemented handler for a particle effect

I was also responsible for a few tutorial and module levels outside of the game:

Tutorial Level for User Testing

– designed and edited level layout
– designed and integrated player objectives

Module Levels for Tools Documentation

– designed and edited level layout
– integrated various examples of AI and animation scripting
– wrote associated tools documentation on wiki