FAT CITY is a puzzle game about planning and executing heists across New York City while evading capture by the police. Developed by HEAVY IRON STUDIOS, FAT CITY originally released in 2015 as digital download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U and PS Vita, then later ported to Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android.


As an Associate Designer at HEAVY IRON STUDIOS, I designed and edited levels in the single-player puzzle progression mode of FAT CITY. As an individual contributor, I had to be self-sufficient in creating content in the level editor for the Unity game engine.


The single-player mode of FAT CITY is divided into 6 boroughs with 60 puzzle-type levels in total. I was responsible for designing and editing most of those levels, from the introductory “tutorial” levels to the final, most challenging level:

– all 13 levels in Brooklyn
– all 11 levels in Queens
– 10 of the 11 levels in Bronx
– 9 of the 11 levels in Staten Island
– 2 levels in Lower Manhattan
– 7 of the 8 levels in Upper Manhattan